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University Application Service

Advantages of Canada’s university:World-class academy and reasonable cost, Undergraduate offers conditional admission, Legal part-time and internship opportunities, Transfer or change of major is relatively free, Easy to immigrate, Easy to apply.

College Application Service

The Benefits of Going to College: Financial and Career Benefits and opportunities for employment. The cost: community colleges are usually less expensive. The flexibility: class schedules can be more flexible. The support: students often receive more support during their transition from high school. The network: local connections through the school can help students find jobs depending on their intended career path.

High School Application Service

The Canadian education system is based on the United States and the United Kingdom, but it is more like the American system, and the quality of teaching is first-class.

Why send your child to Canada to attend high school? Going to high school in Canada allows children to adapt to the foreign education system and living habits as soon as possible, especially for the language system.

Master Program Application Service

The advantages of Canada’s master program: Easy to apply for the immigration, Use GMAT score or GRE score to boost the success rate for your application, High value for money, Employment is guaranteed, Work while you study.

English Academic Program

Clearly defined curriculum that leaves room for adjustment so that it meets the needs of individual students

Emphasis on academic vocabulary

Guardian Service

We will provide guardian service for the people who cannot company their children to study abroad. We are committed to be best guardian for your children.

What our clients say about us

Clients Feedback

Worth it

Their service fee are much cheaper than any other agency. Their service is excellent the consultant always answer my questions immediately.


Homestay service are good

I asked them to find the homestay for me because I don not know how to find it by myself. And I love my homestay it turned into my second home.



I love the CV and personal statement they made for me according to my personal experience. They are professional and write in a native way, incredible.

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