Youth Job Link

Youth Job Link (YJL) is a new youth employment program designed to help youth, including students, aged 15 to 29, who do not face significant barriers to employment, but could benefit from some extra help to plan their careers and transition to the labor market.

Youth Job Link provides three categories of non-intensive employment services, each of which is available year-round. They are:

Career exploration workshops to increase knowledge of career options and support career decision-making;

Career management workshops to improve readiness for the labor market; and, Job search, readiness and matching assistance to connect youth with employers offering employment opportunities, including summer jobs.?

High school students experiencing greater barriers to employment can access Youth Job Connection: Summer (YJCS), which is the summer component of the Youth Job Connection program. It provides summer, part-time and after-school job opportunities for high school students aged 15 to 18 who are facing challenging life circumstances and may need support transitioning between school and work.

Employers can post job opportunities through the Employment Service (ES), as well as access support for their human resource planning, recruitment and workplace training.

In addition, Youth Job Connection: Summer (YJCS) offers financial incentives (up to $1000 per person) to encourage employers to provide job placements and to offset expenses incurred by the employer during the placement.

So what kind of companies can apply for employer subsidies for the financial incentives? First, the business must be a company legally registered and operating in Ontario. Second, companies must comply with Ontario’s Department of Labor’s labor laws, human rights laws and other laws and regulations. In the meantime the company should have effective work safety and compensation insurance and the positions offered must be the jobs in Ontario. Basically, regardless of the size of the company, you can enjoy the employer subsidy for the Youth Employment Fund. For small businesses of less than 100, in addition to the government grant of up to $2,000, the government can also help companies provide training for young people, etc., to help Young job seekers are better qualified for their jobs.

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