Job Hunting Service

Our advantage:

  • Cooperate with 2,000 companies in GTA.
  • Provide training for interview based on personal specialty,
  • One stop service for immigration, studying and job hunting.
  • Help 3,000 job seekers find the ideal job every year.
  • Job recommendations for immigration position such as EE.CEC.LMIA
  • ?Many information for professional or junior job vacancy updated on time every day.

Our services:

One stop service for job hunting

  • Recommend and apply for the related jobs according to your career goals and plans.
  • Modify your resume and Cover Letter based on the position you are applying for, provide one-on-one mock interview and teach you interview skills.
  • Personalized career planning service. Develop short-term and long-term career goals based on different professions and personal interests.
  • Professional job counselor guidance. Help you success in your future career.

CEC Immigration work recommendation

We cooperate with many recruiting agencies, and we promise to help our clients with immigration needs find the qualified job in a short time.

  • The job is NOC 0, Class A or Class B work
  • NOC Skill Level 0 – managerial Jobs (NOC code 0XXX)
  • NOC skill type A – Professional Job (NOC code X1XX)
  • NOC skill type B – Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC code X2XX)
  • Full time, or equivalent part-time, at least 30 hours per week
  • 30 hours of full-time work experience per week. 1560 hours a year Equivalent to 2 years of 15 hours of part-time work per week
  • Employers will be able to provide relevant information, such as Job Offer, Payroll, T4, etc.

Factory and other mechanics work

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