Provalue Group Inc

Provalue Group Inc. is one of the largest integrated service companies in Toronto that combines human resources, immigration consultation, vocational training, and welfare applications. Our services include job hunting, recruiting, career planning, immigration advisory, vocational training, government-funded benefits and other comprehensive services.

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Recruiting & Job Hunting

Personalized customer service. One-stop job hunting service


Benefits & Funding

Personal Benefits & Government Funding for Companies


Immigration Consulting Service

Efficient, Affordable, Customized Consultation


Study Abroad

Happy Studying Experience Starts Here


Real Estate Service

Our professional service will make your life easier


Other Service

Professional, affordable, stable and efficient, all in one

Your trust is the driving force for our progress

Clients Feedback

Great tax return service

I asked them to help me with my tax return because I do not have time to figure the whole things out.

The service fee is really low but their service are really fast. They upload my application just one day after I came to them. Nice.



Three years ago, I wanted to settle in Toronto, so my friend introduced me to this company. With the help of Miss Melody, I quickly got the favorite listing information. I understood at the time, what is professional. I feel that the entire Toronto real estate is opened by my family. Hahaha, the customer experience is great.



My daughter graduated from university recently, and it’s so hard for her to get the ideal job because she had no work experience. And then we came here to ask Provalue for help. They are really professional and make an customized job hunting plan for her according to her background and her strength. After taking their interviewing training, things start to become easier.

Lilian Li
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